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HI, I AM Shannon Lauray McCoy...

World Class Accountability Partner

Your catalyst for CLARITY, mentor of daily SUCCESS HABITS, and champion of INVINCIBLE MINDSET.

The Coach McCoy Method


A proven system for


in maximizing daily achievement

Meet Your Catalyst For Clarity

coach McCoy

I aspire to be the World's Greatest Accountability Partner! What's your personal and professional mission?

I am a maximization and results-oriented manifestation coach. Being a mentor of daily success habits and a champion of invincible mindset, I help ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS and SELF-PROMOTED EXPERTS clarify their HIGHEST CALLING.

Together we create space for a UNIQUE PERSONAL MISSION with CRYSTAL CLEAR DAILY SUCCESS HABITS. I bring the accountability, the presence and the positive pressure, ensuring they follow the roadmap we unearth for them.


Ready To Start?

Are you ready to conquer OVERWHELM and MAXIMIZE your daily achivements? Come discover your advantage by finally UNVEILING unique SUCCESS HABITS designed to help you experience your TRUE CALLING!

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